AERspire develops and sells a very aesthetic building integrated solar energy roofing solution.

The start-up

AERspire is proud to present AER (Aesthetic Energy Roof), a very aesthetic roofing solution that replaces the conventional roofing materials and generates electricity and hot water at a reasonable price. AER is a modular concept based on active and passive products all with the same homogeneous appearance. The products are based on the best available module technology which guarantee high and longer performances. With their extensive experience in the solar industry and expertise in the building secor, AERspire is a partner from the early stage of a building project so as to realise the most optimal technical and financial solution for the customer. AERspire is more than a design and product supplier, the venture takes the full responsibility up to installation, commissioning and hand-over.

In 2015 AERspire realised a project with 14 terraced houses for Woonbedrijf in Eindhoven, in a part of the city that has the ambition to become the most sustainable city district (soon). This realisation won the price of “most Aesthetic solar project of the Netherlands 2015”.

The need

To meet the increasingly stringent energy label requirements for buildings, decreasing the heat demand is often no longer sufficient. To give some examples: in the Netherlands the new standards make it necessary for buildings to also generate renewable energy. In Flanders (Belgium) the generation of renewable energy is even an obligation in order to get a permit for new buildings.

The market of renewable energy is growing worldwide by ± 20% per year. With the continuous performance improvements and the drastic price reductions, solar energy is becoming a main renewable energy source for the built environment. However, due to the density and limited availability of optimal locations, the actual products and solar solutions are restricted in use.

Meanwhile, architects and building owners are actively seeking for more aesthetic ways of integrating solar panels in buildings, ‘building-integrated photovoltaics’.

The solution

AER roofing system

AER roofing system

AER is a roofing system that generates photovoltaic electricity  and hot water (solar thermal heat), integrated in glass panels that fully replace conventional roofing materials and suit every type of tilted roof.

Dependent on the needed capacity of electricity and hot water of the customer, the roof surface first will be built up out of active photovoltaic and solar thermal products. Next, the remaining surface is filled with dummies and fitting parts. AER is a modular concept of glass panels resulting in a watertight roof surface with one homogeneous aesthetic appearance. Because of the simplicity of the total concept, the AER energy roof is competitive with conventional solutions.

Value proposition

  • Minimum equal life span compared to standard roofing materials
  • Designed to be a building component
  • Optimal water retaining surface,  no additional materials such as profiles, gutters, foils… needed
  • Compared to conventional glass-foil PV modules:
    • AER has a longer guaranteed life span
    • 25% higher electric output warranty.
    • no high voltage risk
    • limited fire hazard
    • limited cell breakage risk during transport and installation
    • higher performance output thanks to AER’s aerodynamic profile that forces the natural airflow to move along the backside of the modules to the ridge of the roof, cooling the backside of the glass plate
  • Compared to other tile PV solutions:
    • suitable to different construction regulations
    • simple
    • lower investment costs
  • Future developments, new technologies and more efficient cells can be smoothly integrated in the AER glass-glass product.


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The Team

AERspire - Alfred_van_HeseAlfred van Hese
Responsible for the product development, engineering, project realisations, selection of technical partners, production methods and the industrialization to mass production.



AERspire - Esther_PhilipseEsther Philipse
Esther is responsible for the general management activities, marketing and sales, legal, insurance and finance management.