Act & Sorb

Sustainable recycling process to produce high value materials and electrical and thermal energy from specific organic waste streams

Act&Sorb has developed an innovative self-sustaining recycling strategy for several barely recyclable waste streams, to produce high value raw materials and energy (heat and/or electricity). The produced raw materials find applications in a broad range of industries, such as waste treatment, chemical processing, food and beverage processing. The business model is based on the development of complete tailor made projects, from R&D to commissioning and servicing in various industries worldwide.

The need

One of the major steps in the transition to a circular bio-economy is the development of recovery and recycling strategies of waste streams into resources and energy. However, large amounts of today’s waste streams end up on landfills or are burned. Sustainable solutions are required.

The solution

Act&Sorb has developed a turnkey self-sustaining recycling strategy for different non-recyclable waste and rest streams, with the production of high value resources of materials and surplus energy in the form of heat and/or electricity (project specific).

The value proposition

1. Production of high value raw materials.
2. Clean technology to shift waste towards resources with the production of energy.
3. High-end R&D evaluation of the end products.
4. Constant R&D evaluation of new input materials for recycling technology.
5. Highly scalable and adaptable.

The team

profiel-foto-vanreppelen_kennyKenny Vanreppelen, Doctorate in Science: Chemistry and a Masters in Industrial Engineering in Nuclear Technology, during his professional career (7 years) he worked on multidisciplinary PhD-research in close collaboration with industry to up-cycle industrial waste streams into new products.


profiel-foto-prade_uweUwe Prade, Chemical Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration, developed his career over 30 years in innovative product and process development in different positions, from chemical engineer to head of production, logistics, sales, purchase and R&D.


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