ThermoSmart and E.ON Benelux enter partnership

ThermoSmart and E.ON Benelux enter partnership

E.ON Benelux enters partnership with ThermoSmart, Dutch manufacturer of Smart thermostats. New E.ON customers to receive free ThermoSmart Advanced with three-year energy contracts.

Ewald Rietberg, CEO at ThermoSmart: “We are delighted with this collaboration. E.ON’s customers now have access to the attractively designed ThermoSmart, the only thermostat on the market that uses smart metering as well as data from the and the boiler. ”
Freek Gasseling, Manager Sales & Marketing at E.ON Benelux: “We are very pleased with the possibilities the ThermoSmart provides, and with its and ease of use. This smart thermostat can help our customers better understand their energy consumption and make conscious energy decisions. For example, it can show you exactly how much a shower costs. Moreover, the ThermoSmart is self-learning, which means houses are heated as efficiently as possible. This ensures more comfort in the home and reduces energy costs. ”

ThermoSmart background

ThermoSmart distinguishes itself from the competition through ‘best in class’ user-friendliness, attractive design and cutting-edge technology. This smart thermostat is easy to operate, in the home as well as remotely using a smartphone, computer or tablet. In addition, ThermoSmart is the only thermostat of which allows users to personalise its design, using ThermoArt. In 2016, ThermoSmart supported by InnoEnergy Benelux began its international rollout and today it plays an important role in the Netherlands and abroad.

Thanks to the use of advanced (cloud) IT architecture, value can be generated for customers, based on user data from the heating system. ThermoSmart is the only thermostat in the market, capable of combining data from the central heating boiler and smart metering. This offers customers precise insights into the cost of their morning shower, for example.