Renewable Energy

Renewable energies play an essential role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels, increasing energy security for Europe, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Onshore and offshore wind power and solar photovoltaic continue to gain ground, while solar thermal electricity (STE) and ocean energy that is derived from wave and tidal streams show great potential. InnoEnergy supports projects that develop systems, materials, tools and components that:

  • Reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase competitiveness of renewables.
  • Enhance dispatch, transmission and grid integration, including storage and low-voltage applications.
  • Improve performance through more accurate design, siting, layout, and production forecasting.
  • Demonstrate long-term reliability and scalability in harsh or remote environments.
  • Promote cost-effective maintenance, transport, installation and other logistical functions.

Start-ups from this Field

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