Energy from Chemical Fuels

Chemical fuels have a critical role in the future energy mix. Sectors such as transport, heating, and energy-intensive industry rely on supply from chemical energy carriers.

What’s more, biogenic and synthetic fuels, derived from biomass, waste or even excess electricity, can provide both stability and storage capability alongside more conventional fuels. This helps counter the volatility created by greater integration of more intermittent renewables. InnoEnergy supports the development of solutions that aid the production, transportation, storage and use of energy carriers and chemicals, particularly those that:

  • Support efficient conversion of feedstocks into energy-dense carriers like synthetic fuels.
  • Upgrade and standardise fuels from diverse feedstocks, including wet biomass and waste.
  • Enable construction of and optimise processes for combustion, co-combustion or co-firing systems and power plants.
  • Control fuel conversion processes to minimise emissions and maximise energy efficiency.
  • Enable energy carriers to be used for temporary storage or in energy-intensive industry.

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