Energy for circular economy

The Energy for Circular Economy thematic field focuses on conversion processes and complete conversion routes from fossil, biogenic and waste resources to final energy carriers and chemicals. Therefore, the thematic field includes resources, conversion processes, transport, storage and utilisation of energy carriers and allocation of chemicals. In addition, the thematic field covers technologies associated with these process chains, such as storage and distribution of heat and cold on a large scale, and the decommissioning of energy production sites at the end of their life.

The thematic field scope outline for the Energy for Circular Economy:

  • Feedstock Sourcing Technologies,
  • Energy Conversion Technologies,
  • Smart Grids for Energy Carriers – Logistics, Transportation and Distribution,
  • Smart Heat Grids,
  • Air Quality and Sustainability of Conventional Energy Sources,
  • Fossil Sources Decommissioning Technologies.

Master's Programmes from this field

MSc Energy Transition prepares students to lead innovation in future energy systems. The programme offers deep understanding of advanced technologies, from biofuels to smart grids and renewables, as well as development of the leading-edge business management and entrepreneurship skills to launch a world-class career at the vanguard of energy transformation.