Energy Storage

Thanks to the increasing penetration of renewable and distributed generation, growing trade in electricity, and new demand patterns, energy storage has an important role in future energy systems.

It is a vital component in the development of smart grids, smart cities and smart buildings, helping to balance supply and demand, ensure continuity of supply, increase energy autonomy, and mitigate intermittent power production.

InnoEnergy is encouraging solutions that:

  • Provide large-scale storage to support integration of renewable energy sources into the transmission network.
  • Provide small-scale energy storage to enable voltage control and power quality improvement at the distribution level.
  • Provide building-level storage technologies that can increase self-consumption from local generation, reduce peak power, save on energy arbitrage and enable balancing services.

Start-ups from this Field

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Master's Programmes from this field

InnoEnergy’s MSc Energy Storage equips students with a raft of technical competences that covers the full spectrum of storage technologies from battery to thermal, magnetic and electromagnetic, pumped hydropower, synthetic and biofuels. In tandem to this, the programme is designed to accelerate business management, entrepreneurial and digitalisation skills as well as an innovation mindset.