Thematic Fields

Developing a sustainable energy future is one of the biggest challenges facing Europe today. We must ensure the energy supply to all our citizens without compromising safety and security of the infrastructure. That is why we are working with entrepreneurs, innovators, industry and universities in eight critical thematic fields.

Energy storage

Thanks to the increasing penetration of renewable and distributed generation, growing trade in electricity, and new demand patterns, energy storage has an important role in future energy systems.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce emissions, improve energy security, make energy consumption more affordable, and enhance competitiveness.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy plays an essential role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels, increasing energy security for Europe, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Smart buildings and cities

The built environment accounts for 40 per cent of the world’s energy consumption. Creating smart buildings and cities is therefore key to sustainable development.

Smart electric grid

The electricity grid is showing its age. Increased use and volume, intermittent and distributed energy resources, and new market and regulatory structures have created significant challenges in the operation and control of the power system.

Nuclear instrumentation

Nuclear power remains an important part of a sustainable energy mix, with 60 nuclear reactors under construction around the world.

Energy for circular economy

Energy for circular economy focuses on conversion processes and complete conversion routes, or process chains, from fossil, biogenic and waste resources to final energy carriers and chemicals.

Energy for transport and mobility

The transport and mobility sector is responsible for not less than about one third of Europe‘s energy consumption and about a quarter of overall greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, energy for transport and mobility plays a significant role in the transition of the energy system of the EU.