The Smarter E Award 2018: Ferroamp under the spotlight

Another great success for Ferroamp! The promising Swedish start-up won the Smarter E award in the “Smart Renewable Energy” category while participating at Smarter E Europe in Munich last week. 

The smarter E Europe is the innovation hub for empowering new energy solutions that links together the four parallel energy exhibitions: Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Powerwell. As part of this latest initiative, the newly introduced Smarter E award acknowledges innovative business models and progressive ideas driving the sustainable energy forward.

After winning the ees Europe award in 2016 for its EnergyHub system, Ferroamp is once again under the spotlight. This year its PowerShare solution – that takes the EnergyHub system to the next level – stands out. Ferroamp’s PowerShare technology is a modular system based on a local DC nanogrid that feeds energy from one or more common PV installations to multiple users. The system allows flexible integration of PV systems, energy storage, small-scale wind and electric vehicle charging and brings a significant increase in PV self-consumption at a much lower cost than batteries. In addition, it can be used for power peak shaving and decrease the need for grid investment.

The PowerShare™ technology allows multiple users to share power and energy from common PV installations and common energy storage using a local DC nanogrid.

As stated in The Smarter E press release, the jury recognised the sophisticated shareability that the technology promotes, thus increasing the utilization of renewable energy in a cost-effective way. Additional factors such as the integration of multiple energy sources and consumers, the reduced conversion losses in the DC/DC system compared to DC/AC systems, and the improved security of a back-up solution on a DC grid also convinced the jury.

Ferroamp and InnoEnergy’s collaboration started back in 2012 when the start-up joined the Highway programme to support its initial development stage. Ferroamp has since then received additional investment and support to further scale up activities. We are proud to support them in accelerating their business and commercialising their innovation, and congratulate the team for this new distinction.