The Open Space Studio Winter Atelier 2018

The beginning of October marked another edition of the Winter Atelier – a step in the Open Space Studio Journey for the Master Programme ENTECH.

This time the Winter Atelier took place in a medieval castle in Rieneck, Germany, bringing together ENTECH intakes of 2017 and 2018 to explore together new ideas and develop own skills.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding natural environment and with the help of low Wi-Fi signal (as expected from a mediaeval castle), the students and coaches were able to have a fully immersed week, learning and sharing with each other in creative hands-on ways.

During the first half of the week, the focus of the 1st year students was on starting their personal journey of self-discovery and self-leadership, learning about each other’s cultures, values and approaches towards teamwork and communication. Meanwhile, the 2nd year students focused on what it means to start their career, understanding what is their vision of the future, what are the talents they want to express, the contributions they can give, what they feel responsible for in life and how they can tell the story of all this in a clear and short way.

The second half of the week saw both intakes come together. They then had the opportunity to share insights and experiences from the previous days, co-create around personal projects that will bring to reality the change they want to see, and learn how this can be brought forward through the practice of being present/mindful, understanding the complexity of social organisations and our place in them.

In between the smiles, the hugs and the excitement to go back home and to university, the Winter Atelier came to an end for these students. There was a sense of belonging in the air, a peace and confidence that comes from knowing ourselves and each other better, an awareness of the spirit of the Open Space Studio Journey that developed along the years and a connection to the continuous evolution of it.

What the attendees thought of the Winter Atelier


“The Ateliers in the Open Space Studio provided impulses and tools for me to become clear about what my purpose is and about the direction of my next steps. Above all, being with the most diverse people and combining our ideas for reaching a common goal feels just amazing. More than ever I am inspired and motivated to continue my journey now after the third Open Space Studio Atelier.” (Paula Moehring)


“The Ateliers have always been “something to wait for it” for me. After the first Winter Atelier, I really understood what my previous university’s studies were missing: a human and social part.
This last Winter Atelier was really amazing, both because the new people and the old ones, a mix that seemed both fresh and warm. Thinking about the near-future, having insights from coaches who climbed that way before us, mixing ideas and feelings with people you know since more than one year now was extremely motivating and enlightening. I think that we all lose our capacity of thinking about ourselves, about the connection we have with people around us and with the world itself. If someone asks me to describe my feeling when I’m at the Ateliers, I’m pretty sure that I could answer describing a simple picture: people, a warm fireplace, and the sound of the bell.”
 (Nicola Tertulliani)


“One year ago, I found myself in exact the same place in which now the first semester students were in, a bit confused about what all this journey was about and where it would lead. Today, after following it for one year and especially after our recent week in Rieneck, a lot has become much clearer. I feel like I know who I am, what I want and why I want it. This helps immensely when entering now the challenging phase of searching for Master’s theses and starting my professional career.” (Maximilian Fey)


“The Open Space Studio is a very unique program where you learn all sorts of skills which are very relevant in the workplace. It takes the approach of building up the other aspects of the individual, which are generally not handled in the day to day attendance of a classic academic institution. The incorporation of a wide range of fun and useful activities makes the participants both physically and emotionally engaged. It is a very much needed addition to the program and is a good catalyst for strengthening and deepening the energy community.” (Benjamin Uchenna Iwuchukwu)