The IST welcomes the new InnoEnergy students in Lisbon


Students attending the session

Students attending the session

The Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon held a Welcome Session for the IE students last Friday 8 September from morning until noon. This gave a chance to introduce students to a new, highly valuable experience and connect with the whole team.

The session was attended by 58 students, 4 professors, IE Lisbon’s Community Manager (remotely), 4 members of the IST International Team, 2 members of InnoEnergy Lisbon, 2 IST NAPE [Student Support Center] mentors, and 5 other students who conducted a campus tour.

The Welcome Session ran smoothly. The students attended talks in which they were introduced to the whole team, the Tecnico, and the Lisbon Community, among other topics.

The students showed great interest and enthusiasm to the presentations, and they engaged actively on them. After the speeches were heard, they were taken through a campus tour and they had lunch with the mentors who offered them help to solve any further concerns.

A meeting with IE programme coordinators allowed the students to define the learning agreements of the programme they have started. The session also attended a parallel workshop carried out by the mentors on the IST’s online platform. The session closed with an informal but surely enriching networking session.

 Welcome to you all, InnoEnergy students!

All attendees in a group picture

All attendees gather for a picture