Teamwork: How can you boost your impact in a team?

InnoVoice and InnoEnergy student, Onyebuchi Ofili, talks about her Game-Changing Impact Programme experience. Explaining how the coaching sessions have helped her to restore creative confidence and identify her role in a team.

Realising my inner Game Changer

After exploring my The GC Index®, profile with my coach, my confidence has grown. Appreciating my own abilities more, I began to realise my creative confidence and to share my ideas.

I have found the coaching sessions to be a fantastic space to share my concerns and explore how I can realise my inner Game Changer. My creative confidence has been restored and I was surprised at how creative I can be!

Through coaching sessions I was able to identify my inner Game Changer , which made me see that I am someone who is bursting with original ideas.

Boosting my impact in a team

The sessions have concentrated on how I function in a team. My aim was to move away from acting as facilitator and become more assertive, taking the lead where it was appropriate.

My coach supported me with tips and techniques that I was able to successfully apply to the current team projects. Each week when I would share my achievements I was realising how much I have grown and the progress I have made.

Bringing my creative problem solving ability to the fore

During the Master Mind session that involved a group of students who were unfamiliar with one another, we explored how we operate as individuals and influence others in a team.

The session offered us an opportunity to learn techniques aimed at improving our creative thinking. For me, it was fascinating to hear different experiences and learn how others function in a team. It was also helpful to receive feedback about my own previous challenges as well understand how I can build stronger and longer lasting relationships.

My profile shows that I am a strong Game Changer: Implementer – a creative problem solver. I am now trying to tap into this as well as explore my creativity when working in a team.

We will catch up with Onyebuchi later this year to find out how she is getting on.