Take control of your energy consumption with new Watty solution

Watty, the Swedish graduated start-up from InnoEnergy’s Highway, launches today its first solution dedicated to households in Sweden and Germany. Watty monitors household appliances from a single sensor in the home using machine learning to help people understand which appliances are using the most electricity – saving them both energy and money.

watty_preliminary_mg05_wall-768With winter just around the corner, the launch of Watty could not come at a better time for people hoping to reduce the cost of their winter bill. According to Hjalmar Nilsonne, CEO and founder of Watty, “We started the company with a mission to make it possible for anyone to understand complex energy data. With our product, we’re helping people to monitor all the energy use in their home with the
benefit of being more sustainable, but also saving money.”

“Using Watty i s really easy. A single sensor tracks the energy use of each appliance in the house. The Watty app is designed to show in very simple graphics how much energy each appliance is using in real time. This helps people to make smart decisions about their energy usage and gives them the ability to choose what to switch off when they’re not using it.”

watty-product_iphonewatty-product_timelineThe Watty Box measures the total energy use via the customer’s fuse box. The installation is done by a professional and the data is transmitted via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The device sends the data to Watty’s cloud where the ‘fingerprint’ of each appliance is identified. Watty is smart out of the box and can recognise many appliances from day one. The product is always learning and the user can teach Watty to recognise even more appliances by actively giving feedback in the app. The app is available on iPhone, Android and Apple Watch.

Watty, launched exclusively in Stockholm, Berlin and Munich, costs only €197, including professional installation, and is available now from the Watty website, watty.io. Only 500 units will be sold in each market.