Success for our start-up pamyra

We are incredibly proud of our German start-up pamyra! They managed to prevail over 600 participants at the “Investor Days Thüringen 2017” and recently won the main prize of the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thüringen (STIFT) and the Investment management Ltd. Thüringen (bm|t).

By creating a website for logistic that works like “” they convinced the jury. Pamyra created a platform which forges a link between forwarding agencies, which have idle space on their vehicles, with private and commercial consigners, which can book the space for attractive prices.

According to Pamyra’s website “400.000 trucks and transporters are driving through Germany daily. More than half of them are not fully loaded. For us, the Sharing Economy means using free shipping space for your carriage.”

They not only impressed us, but they also managed to convince everyone present at the Investor Days of their great ecological concept, and truly deserved the main prize.

Read more about the award here [in German].

from left to right: Udo Werner (bmt), StevenQual, Felix Wiegand ( both pamyra), Christiane Kilian (STIFT) | Photo: Studio Beetz, source: