InnoEnergy is dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the European sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes.

Master's School

Take your first step towards engineering the future at the InnoEnergy Master’s School. Our seven MSc programmes held at top-ranked universities and business schools enhance your engineering and technical knowledge, and develop the innovation and entrepreneurial skills that employers value. Create a life-long network of like-minded partners, connect with international colleagues, peers and professionals, and discover how to launch your career in sustainable energy engineering here.

PhD School

The InnoEnergy PhD School supports research with impact. We enable doctoral candidates to complement their research with essential entrepreneurial, innovation, business and personal skills. We strengthen connections between individual researchers across Europe. We support cross-cultural collaboration and teamwork – and we help bring research labs and universities closer to industry.

Find out how participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School can boost your career, your research or your product development.

Career Center

The Transition and Alumni Office (T&A) is part of InnoEnergy’s Education system. The T&A helps students and alumni enter into the job market in the European Union and offers initial career guidance.

Executive Education

Our executive programmes are directed towards engineers with professional experience. Participants will learn the essentials of entrepreneurial management and explore the areas of opportunity evaluation, business models design and project implementation.

InnoEnergy Highway®

InnoEnergy Highway® is an accelerator specialising in sustainable energy with various entry points across Europe. We support entrepreneurs in strengthening their technology skills, developing business models, building a winning team and providing access to finance. We offer these services through our extensive European network of over 360 key players in the energy field. We commit ourselves to finding the first customer, and through equity participation, we invest in those start-ups that we believe can make a difference.

Innovation Projects

Our innovation projects academia and industry work together to develop products and services in sustainable energy and launch them to the market. This type of experience gives students the possibility to combine their engineering and innovation skills while being connected to a real life industrial development project.

Professional Learning

Professional development courses help advance your knowledge in sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Study at home, on the bus or in the park.