President of France François Hollande takes part in energy transition round table with start-up Steadysun

Xavier Le Pivert, CEO of the French start-up Steadysun, which offers solar forecasting services to anticipate solar resources, exchanged with the President of France François Hollande on the future of the photovoltaic sector at a round table organised at the National Solar Energy Institute (INES) on August 20th, 2015. Ségolène Royal, the French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, also took part in this round table.

As part of the implementation of the new French law about energy efficiency, the President and the Minister of Ecology met different actors of the industry such as researchers and entrepreneurs. They first visited the INES at Savoie Technolac and have measured the progress made by the research and advanced training center since their last visit in 2011. They then exchanged with entrepreneurs of the solar industry.

During the round table, Xavier Le Pivert recognised the quality of research and innovation in France that promotes high technology potential businesses like his. He also exposed the obstacles to the development of solar energy in France that some start-ups face, resulting in them turning towards international markets. Indeed, French entrepreneurs have difficulties to develop on an ultra-competitive French market, dominated by China, the USA and Germany. In five years the French solar industry has lost 43% of its jobs – however,  it still has great potential.

Finally, this official meeting on Energy Transition ended on a positive note: the President of France is committed to relaunch the industry by maintaining the research tax credit and achieving a system of 800 MW in solar energy with 40-60 additional projects.


About Steadysun 
Steadysun is a start-up company with eight employees and was founded in 2013 by Xavier Le Pivert. It provides solar production forecasting services of unprecedented accuracy over horizons ranging from a few minutes to several days. Its solutions are used in France and around the world by electrical grid operators, solar plant operators and other players in the electricity market such as operators of hybrid systems and trading companies, over very diverse geographical areas. Whether for the Red Eléctrica de España in Spain (manager of the Spanish electricity network), TERNA in Italy, or even in California, Steadysun solutions meet the challenges of massive solar energy integration in electricity grids. Steadysun is now fundraising to accelerate its development on different continents, with very promising markets in South America, Asia and Africa.


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