Solar Energy Booster wins the prestigious Dutch Jan Terlouw Award 2017

Solar Energy Booster, an InnoEnergy Benelux supported Start-up wins the prestigious Dutch Jan Terlouw Award 2017

Jan Putman, General Manager at Solar Energy Booster: “It feels like winning the champions league. Especially since the other nominees are all great innovations”. Solar Energy Booster was announced the winner of the prestigious Jan Terlouw award. Not only do they get a great deal of exposure but also a grand price of 10k Euro cheque which they can re-invest.

This would be the seventh time the Jan Terlouw is awarded to technologies that will make impact and accelerate the energy transition.

Innovatieprijs voor PV-T panelen van Solar Energy BoosterThe winning product

Solar Energy Booster offers an add-on to already installed electrical PV systems. Their solution can be added to 85 % of the existing panels, at a reasonable cost that is:

Universally applicable, easy to install, can be added on to existing and installed PV installations and offers financially attractive solution in comparison to other photovoltaic thermal hybrid systems.