Smarter homes with HDSN’s e-sylife

European  consumers can save nearly a quarter of their household’s expenditure on water, gas and electricity by investing around €250 in a little white box – that’s the claim being made by HDSN (Home Detection Sensor Network), a French start-up based near Marseille on the Mediterranean coast.



HDSN designs and manufactures the e-sylife Smart-Home system, which consists of the Kub, a stylish white box that acts as a hub for additional wireless modules that monitor electricity consumption, air temperature and humidity and can even send a message to your mobile when your fire alarm goes off.

And the benefits don’t stop there: with up to 25 additional modules, e-sylife will monitor indoor air quality, inform you of the presence of carbon monoxide or flood water, connect with your video surveillance system to warn you remotely of intruders and (coming soon) tell you when your swimming pool water needs treating.

e-sylife is also being marketed as an eco-responsible and money-saving innovation, with data display options showing expenditure in euros and carbon footprint data. The product’s “instant” feature shows real-time consumption for two minutes at a time so you can show the kids the effect of using a hairdryer or leaving a tap running.



The construction and HVAC industries are showing interest in e-sylife’s business and commercial applications (distributed under the brand HDeCARE),  and care homes can make use of the motion sensor function to set up an inactivity alert and personal alarms. In the future, retail outlets and tourist attractions could even use the system to count footfall.

HDSN claims that the one-off investment in e-sylife can pay for itself within one year through the domestic energy savings alone.