MSc ENTECH students win Iberdrola Energy Challenge about future challenges in energy

The winners of the Iberdrola Energy Challenge –a joint initiative between KIC InnoEnergy and Iberdrola, launched on January– have been the young members of the project “Save to Donate”.

The winners of the Iberdrola Energy Challenge have been the members of the “Save to Donate” project, who proposed an initiative in which the energy saving made by Iberdrola´s customers is then reversed back in electricity access for disadvantaged regions. In this way, collaboration between the company and end users is encouraged in order to promote a worldwide access to energy.

The initiative was aimed at young people with an average age of 26 years from 29 countries.

The winners were chosen via electronic voting by the event attendees, during the Digital Summit organised  by Iberdrola at its Madrid offices.

The winners of Iberdrola Energy Challenge (from left to right): Volkan Isik (Turkey), Oguz Kiranlar (Turkey), Mariana García Prince (Venezuela), Andrés Prieto Buznego (Spain).

The prizes were awarded by the Director of Innovation, Environment and Quality of Iberdrola, Agustin Delgado, and Mikel Lasa, CEO  KIC InnoEnergy Iberia. During the programme both companies had challenged the participants to develop solutions in three areas: globally affordable energy models; new digital models which rethink the relationship between utilities and their customers; and developing a social economy which makes energy more accessible.

The winning projects received €4000, €2000 and €1000 respectively, and will have preferential access to financing through Perseus,  Iberdrola´s corporate capital risk fund, which manages 70 million euros.

The second award was for DSO controlled PV-converters project. This initiative consisted of a system of converters that facilitate better integration into the grid of solar panels for homes.

The third prize went to the Sharing Economy Concept in Electricity Grid project and the fourth for Eco – Sharing .