RVE.Sol joins €5.2 million British programme to deliver energy to 14.000 infrastructures

RVE.Sol, a Portuguese start-up supported by InnoEnergy, is part of the programme Green Mini Grid Facility Kenya, that aims to connect 14,000 households and businesses to green mini-grids by the end of 2018, in an investment of €5.2 million idealized by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID).

Dozens of villages located in the western part of the country will be part of this project that will deliver renewable energy to not only domestic houses but also industry, commercial businesses or public infrastructures such as schools and clinics.

PowerGen Renewable Energy and Powerhive are the other two companies involved in this project based on mini-grids, which are localised power generation and distribution infrastructure, ideal for serving remote residential and commercial customers.

RVE.SOL created KUDURA , a utility in a container, providing clean water and energy where there is none. It provides cost-effective utility access in a market characterised by a strong consumer desire to purchase quality products and services, but that lacks access in places where current strategies are not cost-effective.