InnoEnergy provides research institutes with a straightforward way to fund innovation activities, valorise their research and development programmes and industrialise spin-off activities.

Innovation Projects

InnoEnergy provides support for finalising and commercialising technological innovations that lead to new products and services.

Case Studies

Read about some of the companies we work with and the ones we have helped launch innovative products onto the market. We work with a range of people from entrepreneurs, researchers, energy business managers, students and other targeted groups with an interest in sustainable energy.

InnoEnergy Highway®

InnoEnergy Highway® is an accelerator specialised in sustainable energy with various entry points across Europe. We support researchers with entreprenurial motivation in strengthening their technology skills, developing business models, building a winning team and providing access to finance. We offer these services through our extensive European network of 430+ key players in the energy field. We commit ourselves to finding the first customer, and through equity participation, we invest in those start-ups that we believe can make a difference.

PhD School

PhD candidates supported by us will catalyse your lab’s power of innovation. They will also act as a catalyst for additional funding, collaborative research and international collaboration, especially regarding mobility. They can also turn research results into products and services can generate revenue.