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As we continue to grow in size and ambition, we are continuously looking for suppliers with unique skills, across a range of fields – from legal, IT and marketing support, to expertise in coaching and consultancy, to name just a few.

This page contains all of our procurement procedures which are currently open for submission.

For more information or support, you will find the contact details for each procurement within the enclosed documents.

Date of publication: 2019-05-08

Master’s School campaign agency for intake 2020

InnoEnergy is looking for an agency to lead the creative content development and implementation of digital marketing and advertising efforts focused on lead generation within the framework of InnoEnergy Master’s school value proposition.

Deadline for submission proposals: 2019-05-18

Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -

Clarification session (if applicable): -

For further information, please contact:

Please submit proposals to:

Intended date of notification: 2019-05-24

Closing tender: 2019-05-18

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Procurement documentation:


Q1: Would it be possible for you to provide an indication (or a scale) in terms of budget that you foresee for this project?

A1: The total budget for the project including all LOTS is a maximum of €150,000. Proposals are assessed based on the criteria indicated in the request for proposal per LOT. As indicate in the document, 40 points of the assessment are allocated to the lowest price per unit offer. Other offers will be calculated in relation to that in linear equation.

Q2: Do you have a preference for the format the proposal is submitted in (e.g. Word, PowerPoint)?

A2: No preference for the submission of the proposal. Any format is welcomed. Creativity is appreciated.

Q3: What information would you like to receive on our Information on GDPR compliance?  

A3: InnoEnergy is looking for evidence that the agency has taken the necessary steps to comply with GDPR regulations regarding managing and using data for marketing and re-marketing purposes. This could include official statements from legal department, specific GDPR-compliance policies or task force created within the organization or similar.

Q4: Question: Can we secure the right to alter, change and negotiate the terms of the agreement (at a later stage)?

A4: The proposals received should indicate the intention to alter, change or negotiate the terms of the agreement and the date by which the desired changes will be submitted – if not before the deadline of submissions. Alternatively, the tenderer can submit a proposal for a contract template which will be assessed by InnoEnergy as part of the tender evaluation process.

Q5: What are the (estimated) media budgets (ie. Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Facebook, etc.) you spent on the project regarding the RFP? What is the proposed budget for each lot – split between creative, advertising, SEO/Conversion?

A5: The total budget for the project including all LOTS is a maximum of €150,000. This includes media budget and any other costs related to the RFP. This budget does not include photo or video production. The distribution of the budget will be determined based on the offers and recommendation of the winner(s) of the tender. Participants in the tender are able to recommend the best distribution of the budget across the different LOTS. 

Q6: In the RFP you mentioned the following numbers: 3.000+ qualified leads, 1.500 applicants and 150 fee paying students. Does this give a (realistic) picture of conversion/progression rates in this process? What is this number based on?

A6: This figures are based on current and historical conversion rates. The number of qualified leads indicated in the RFP includes those to be generated as a result of the online advertising campaign. In addition, InnoEnergy engages in activities to generate leads such as online/offline events, regional campaigns and more which are not within the scope of this RFP.

Q7: How would you define “qualified leads”?

A7: Qualified leads are those who meet the basic admission criteria for the Master’s School and who express interest in InnoEnergy Master’s School offer. Acquired leads who have not expressed interest in InnoEnergy Master’s School are not considered qualified leads.

Q8: Could you share some insights in which marketing channels you currently deploy (both paid and owned/earned), and what the results per channel are? Are you considering to promote courses only via Linkedin channels?

A8: InnoEnergy uses a combination of marketing channels including (paid and organic) Facebook, Instagram, Programmatic, Google Ads, LinkedIn and more. Historical results per channel will be shared with the winner(s) of the tender as part of the campaign planning process.

Q9: Could you give us some insights in students per continent/country? Ie. is the majority of the students from the EU, or are there significant numbers from non-EU countries?

A9: 35% fee paying students come from European Union countries and 65% of fee paying students come from outside the European Union. Some of the countries with the highest number of fee paying students include India, Spain, Italy, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Portugal, United Kingdom and Mexico.

Q10: How strict is lead diversity? If we see that more and or better leads come from a specific market, can we allocate the marketing budget so that we deliver better results? 

A10: InnoEnergy is seeking to attract the best talents interested in investing in our Master’s programmes. There is no limitation in terms of the diversity of the leads as long as the leads attracted are in line with the objectives set for the campaign. The winner(s) of the tender is able to make recommendations in terms of target markets and budget allocation to reach the campaign goals.

Q11: What is the estimated number of students enrolled for 2019?

A11: Application for the 2019 intake are still open. InnoEnergy estimates a total of approximately 250-300 including 90 fee paying students

Q12: What are the application deadlines are for 2019/2020?

A12: The application deadlines for 2019/2020 are yet to be determined. InnoEnergy expects to open applications around October/November 2019 and close applications around May/June 2020.

Q13: Given you already have a creative strategy and assets for 2018/2019, are you looking for a brand new concept or development upon the current concept?

A13: Yes, InnoEnergy is looking for a brand new concept and the applications of this as stated in LOT 1.

Q14: To what extend is the winner of the RFP responsible for the 1-1 communication? 

A14: The winner(s) of the tender is responsible for lead generation and overall lead nurturing through online channels (i.e. remarketing) but not for 1-1 communication with leads, applicants or offer holders.

Q15: Will there be scholarships available?

A15: Yes. However, the objective of the campaign is to attract fee paying students.

Q16: How does the conversion from 1500 applicants to 150 fee paying students happen?

A16: Applicants are assessed based on the different criteria established by each of our programmes. This criteria can be found here. Afterwards, a ranking of candidates is done based on a combination of criteria including their previous scores, the quality of their home university and more. Candidates who are scored above a minimum threshold are invited to join their programme of interest. Historically, between 40-45% of applicants receive an offer.

Q17: Would InnoEnergy be able to provide access to Hubspot to implement Email Nurturing Campaigns?

A17: Yes 

Q18: What does it mean that video and photo are not included and will be part of a separate agreement?

A18: InnoEnergy is currently engaged in tendered agreements for these type of services. As a result, the production of such assets is outside of the scope of this RFP. In case videos/photos are required as part of the creative offer of LOT 1, the winner(s) is not responsible for the production of those.

Q19: Could you share with us your main do’s and don’ts based on previous experience? 

A19: A set of experiences and best practices regarding the campaign activities will be shared with the winner(s) of this tender

Q20: Can you give us some insights on your total marketing budget of last years, this year and next year?

A20: This question is outside of the scope of this RFP.

Q21: Do you currently have agencies you work with on the project of the RFP?

A21: Yes. Due to confidentiality, InnoEnergy reserves the right to share the details on its current vendors.

Q22: With the new site being launched, how many pages are you going to need optimisation?

A22: A total of between 10-15 individual pages will require optimisation. However, eight of those pages are programme specific and follow the exact same format.

Q23: Is it possible to move the deadline proposal to the 21st of May?

This is not possible. The deadline for submission is 18 May as stated in the RFP.

Date of publication: 2019-05-03

Services related to IP protection

KIC InnoEnergy Iberia Business Creation Services (BCS) requires IP support for the companies that are being supported by InnoEnergy Iberia in Spain and Portugal

Years 2019 – 2021

Deadline for submission proposals: 2019-05-14

Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -

Clarification session (if applicable): -

For further information, please contact:

Please submit proposals to:

Intended date of notification: 2019-05-16

Closing tender: 2019-05-25

Procurement documentation: