Red Electrica de España and InnoEnergy launch search for innovations to revolutionise the grid

Red Electrica de España, the global transmission and network operator, has partnered with InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy in Europe, to launch ‘Grid2030’.

Grid2030 is a four-year programme to bring electricity transmission and distribution technologies and innovations to life. The first ‘call’ will offer entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe, the chance to work with InnoEnergy’s team of experienced innovation managers, who can help develop business plans, partnership opportunities and business cases.

Participants will receive support in progressing their projects and develop direct relationships with InnoEnergy’s range of industry partners, who can help bring innovation to fruition. The programme will also offer access to funding with an initial €2 million fund that could reach €5 million, depending on project quality and results.

There will be up to four calls for applicants under the programme. The first one will cover the following challenges:

  • To accelerate the widespread deployment of power electronics in the system
  • To develop new resources for system flexibility compatible with a carbon-free energy system

Round one commence today 23 November and will be open to public and/or private entities or established consortia from across Europe: universities, research centres, start-ups and companies working in the development of technology-based products or services. To be considered for the programme, the solutions should be at early development stage (below TRL 5) but with a clear market perspective.

Eduardo García, Head of Innovation at Red Electrica de España, said: “Grid2030 is an exciting development for us. Over the past 30 years we have worked to create one of the most modern and flexible grid systems in the world. But we need to do this not just for today, but years to come, and to do that we need new technologies and ideas.”

“We are delighted to be working with InnoEnergy, which brings significant expertise in finding and supporting innovations, and turning them into successful products and services that will make a difference to the future of our transmission and distribution systems.

Diego Pavia, CEO of InnoEnergy, added: “Partnering with Red Electrica de España in the creation of the Grid2030 programme opens up great opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe. Working with one of the world’s biggest transmission and distribution operators allows us to demonstrate the potential of different solutions and their impact on the sustainability of grid systems of the future.”