RREB 1 Synergies in the integration of energy networks for electricity, gas, heating and cooling

Authors: Lukasz Brodecki, Jan Tomaschek, Ulrich Fahl (USTUTT) and Javier Alonso as KIC InnoEnergy expert

Language: English Year: June 2014
Topics: Weblink
Energies: Electricity & Gas  Type: Rapid Response Energy Brief

Summary: Steadily increasing power consumption and ambitious climate protection targets require new approaches for energy supplying structures. Among developments regarding increased energy efficiencies of specific technologies, promotion of renewables and emission-free sources new solutions for a secure electricity, gas, heating and cooling provision must be found. The concept of a hybrid network endorses the utilization of interdependencies between different energy carriers and the corresponding technologies leading to synergy effects, which can have a significant impact on an energy system. The provision of flexible interconnectivity allowing load shifts in time and bridging the spatial discrepancy between energy supply and demand by smart grids will become essential for establishing an efficient hybrid network. Furthermore the hereby associated control and regulatory mechanisms as well as the required holistic approach for storage illustrate the complexity of an energy system in the future.




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