HET16 End-users: The trigger to shape the European Energy System

Author: Céline Jullien & Pierre Serkine (InnoEnergy) Michael Miller, Steffen Bubeck and Dr. Ulrich Fahl (Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy) Steve Pye (University College London)

Language: English Year: July 2016
Countries: European Union Weblink
Topics: Consumers, End-users Type: Hot Energy Topic
Energies: Electricity

Summary: How can end-users in the energy system be empowered? This Hot Energy Topic sheds light on the issue, assuming that the end-user will be key to a successful European Energy Transition. We shortly review the context, describe the process that we coin the Societal Appropriation of energy, a four step process that leads to end-users steering this transformation of the energy system. We then identify some barriers that currently prevent end-users from being empowered and follow with further elaboration on the overall process to employ short-term and long-term measures in order to increase end-users’ awareness and understanding of how to fully participate in the transformation of the Energy System. Societal Appropriation of energy is the process and end-result arising from “the appropriation of behaviour that can lead to change in the overall energy system.


HET16End-users: The trigger to shape the European Energy System