HET 2 Curtailment: an option for cost efficient integration of variable renewable generation?

Authors: Martin Steurer, Ulrich Fahl and Alfred Voß (University of Stuttgart) and Paul Deane (UCC) with Antoni Martinez and Alberto Ceña as KIC InnoEnergy experts.

Language: English Year: October 2014
Topics: Integration of renewable energy Weblink
Energies: RES  Type: Hot Energy Topic

Summary: According to the European Directive 2009/28/EC 1, renewable energy systems (RES) enjoy preferential treatment in the electricity grid in so far as the secure operation of the power system permits. However, there will be times when it is not possible to accommodate all priority dispatch generation such as variable renewable generation (VRG) sources like wind and solar while maintaining the safe operation of the power system. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the output of variable renewable generators below their maximum available level on occasions when these security limits are reached. This reduction of VRG is referred to as “curtailment” and is consistent with the principle of priority dispatch.




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