HET 12 The Market Stability Reserve: Assessing Reform Needs / Possible Impacts on the EU ETS

Author: Sylvain Cail (Enerdata), Matthieu Jalard and Emilie Alberola as Climate KIC and KIC InnoEnergy experts

Language: English Year: October 2015
Countries: European Union Weblink
Topics: Emission Trading System, Carbon pricing Type: Hot Energy Topic
Energies: All

Summary: This Hot Energy Topic assesses the European Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)’s reform with the introduction of the Market Stability Reserve (MSR) as of 2019. This new reserve mechanism has a number of aims; namely to restore the EU ETS short-term scarcity by absorbing the surplus of allowances, to build resilience to supply-demand imbalances and also to enhance synergies with other climate and energy policies.




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