Policy & Research

Some of these policy and research papers have been written in the framework of different European Projects that InnoEnergy contributes to. These European Projects are both supported under the FP7 framework and are named Insight-E1 and Maghrenov2. Other papers come from research and studies undertaken by InnoEnergy’s thematic leaders and technology experts, together with partners and industry players within the energy sector.


 Title  Author  Source Type of resource Date of publication
The potential for local energy storage in distribution network Malin Hansson (Power Circle, project leader); Arshad Saleem (InnoEnergy), Jonathan Hallinder (Kraftringen), Johanna Rosenlind & Katarina Lundquist (Mälarenergi Elnät) as contributors InnoEnergy & partners Summary Report January 2017
HET16 End-users: The trigger to shape the European Energy System Céline Jullien & Pierre Serkine (InnoEnergy) Michael Miller, Steffen Bubeck and Dr. Ulrich Fahl (Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy) Steve Pye (University College London) Insight-E Hot Energy Topic July 2016
PR4 Business models for flexible production and storage B. Normark (KIC IE); A. Shivakumar (KTH); P. Deane (UCL); A. Faure (Ifri); J. Gottschling (University of Stuttgart); R. Pattupara, K. Ramachandran (PSI); D. Jakšić, K. Stupin, R. Van Hemert (EIHP); C. Taliotis (KTH) Insight-E Policy Report June 2016
HET14 Impacts of a UK and German coal phase-out on the electricity mix and CO2 emissions in Europe Hasan Ümitcan Yilmaz (KIT)  Quentin Bchini, Dr. Dogan Keles, Rupert Hartel, Prof. Dr. Wolf Fichtner (KIT), Martina Mikulić, Dražen Jakšić (EIHP) Marcin Lewestein (Clean Coal and Gas Thematic Leader – KIC-Inno Energy) Insight-E Hot Energy Topic April 2016
PR6 Assessments of the Merit of Different Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Pathways for Energy Applications Kathrin Volkart (PSI), Brian Cox (PSI) Rocco De Miglio (E4SMA) Martin Densing (PSI) Thierry Priem (CEA) Steve Pye (UCL) Jörg Burkhardt (KIT-ITAS) Andreas Patyk (KIT-ITAS) Insight-E Policy Report March 2016
HET 12 The Market Stability Reserve: Assessing Reform Needs / Possible Impacts on the EU ETS Sylvain Cail (Enerdata), Matthieu Jalard and Emilie Alberola as Climate KIC and KIC InnoEnergy experts Insight-E Hot Energy Topic October 2015
RREB 7 Household DC networks: State of art and future prospects Abhishek Shivakumar, Manuel Welsch (KTH) and Bo Normark as KIC InnoEnergy expert Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief September 2015
HET 8 Decarbonising  the  EU  Energy  System  – Beyond Carbon Pricing Paul Drummond, Steve Pye (UCL) and Paul Deane (UCC) with Lucienne Krosse from KIC InnoEnergy as reviewer Insight-E Hot Energy Topic July 2015
RREB 6 Self-consumption of electricity from renewable sources Joris Dehler, Dogan Keles (KIT), Thomas Telsnig, Benjamin Fleischer (IER), Manuel Baumann, Wolf Fichtner (KIT), Aurélie Faure (IFRI) and David Fraboulet as KIC InnoEnergy expert Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief June 2015
PR 2 Energy poverty and vulnerable consumers in the energy sector across the EU: analysis of policies and measures Steve Pye (UCL), Audrey Dobbins (USTUTT), Claire Baffert as KIC InnoEnergy expert, Jurica Brajković, Ivana Grgurev (EIHP), Rocco De Miglio (E4SMA) and Paul Deane (UCC) Insight-E Policy Report May 2015
RREB 5 Biofuels for Aviation Paul Deane, Richard O Shea, Brian Ó Gallachóir (UCC) with Dominic Buchholz from KIC InnoEnergy as reviewer Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief April 2015
RREB 3 Electricity market design options for promoting low carbon technologies Rupert Hartel, Wolf Fichtner & Dogan Keles (KIT) with Alberto Ceña and Antoni Martinez from KIC InnoEnergy as reviewers Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief April 2015
RREB 4 Quantifying the “merit-order” effect in European electricity market Paul Deane, Seán Collins, Brian Ó Gallachóir (UCC), Cherrelle Eid (IFRI), Rupert Hartel, Dogan Keles, Wolf Fichtner (KIT) with Alberto Ceña as KIC InnoEnergy expert for reviewing the paper Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief February 2015
RREB 2 Estimating the socio-economic costs of electricity supply interruptions Manuel Welsch, Constantinos Taliotis, Mark Howells (KTH); Dražen Jakšić, Tomislav Baričević (EIHP) with Claude Ayache from KIC InnoEnergy as reviewer Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief November 2014
PR 1 How can batteries support the EU Electricity Network? Bo Normark as KIC InnoEnergy expert and Aurélie Faure (IFRI) Insight-E Policy Report November 2014
HET 2 Curtailment:  an option for cost efficient integration of variable renewable generation? Martin Steurer, Ulrich Fahl and Alfred Voß (University of Stuttgart) and Paul Deane (UCC) with Antoni Martinez and Alberto Ceña as KIC InnoEnergy experts. Insight-E Hot Energy Topic October 2014
HET 3 Shale gas prospects for Europe Stanislaw Nagy as KIC InnoEnergy expert with Thierry Badouard & Nathalie Desbrosses (Enerdata), Paul Deane & James Glynn (UCC) Insight-E Hot Energy Topic October 2014
RREB 1 Synergies in the integration of energy networks for electricity, gas, heating and cooling Lukasz Brodecki, Jan Tomaschek, Ulrich Fahl (USTUTT) and Javier Alonso as KIC InnoEnergy expert Insight-E Rapid Response Energy Brief June 2014

1INSIGHT_E is a Think-Tank which aims at informing the European Commission and other energy stakeholders. It supports energy policy at a European level by providing advice on policy options and assessing their potential impact via research and policy papers.

2The Maghrenov project aims to support innovation in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) sectors in the Mediterranean basin. The Consortium brings together partners from Europe and the Maghreb region, whose shared goal is to establish a common Euro-Mediterranean innovation space (EMIS). In this perspective MAGHRENOV addresses three main pillars: Education, Research & Infrastructure and Innovation & Business Creation.

For more information, please visit the insight-e website and the Maghrenov website or contact louise.coffineau@kic-innoenergy.com