Our start-up willpower launches their first crowdfunding project

Until now, consumers are still heavily relying on fossil fuels for heating even though energy prices are increasing annually and the usage of fossil fuels for heating accounts for 57% of all CO2 emissions in the EU-28 region. Our German start-up willpower has the solution to change this. Instead of being dependent on energy suppliers consumers could soon have the opportunity to produce energy in their own basements with something they already have: CO2! The proposed solution is a residential power-to-liquid and CO2 usage system which converts atmospheric CO2 into methanol via an electro-biocatalytical process.

The EU already invested € 1,7 million and with this support the first system will be tested in July 2017. For the full implementation further resources will be needed and therefore the willpower team recently launched their first crowdfunding campaign in Germany. The capital they are aiming for will be used for the further development of the system, its production and sales.

Now it’s your turn! Everybody can invest and help themselves and the environment. Investments are possible from € 150 onwards with an annual interest from 4,25% p.a. up to 8,5% p.a.

Find out more on www.deutsche-mikroinvest.de/gensoric [information only available in German]