Call for facilitation and coaching for the Open Space Studio

About Open Space Studio by InnoEnergy

The Open Space Studio is a tailor-made service that supports industry to progress their challenges in a meaningful and sustainable way. Our ambition is to transform how we think, relate, learn and organise ourselves towards breakthrough in innovation.

Sharing the benefits of co-creation and collaboration is the heart of Open Space Studio. We are passionate about sustainable energy, we bring people together, we dive into the unknown in order to find new ideas and solutions. We think beyond boundaries, and we use nature as a source of inspiration.

We bring industry participants together with our trained Open Space Studio catalysts – brilliant-minded students and alumni; and with masterminds from the InnoEnergy ecosystem and network. The whole process is designed and held by our experienced Open Space Studio team. Together, we immerse ourselves into the industry challenges and assist in transforming them into impactful solutions.

Download the Open Space Studio one pager here.

Facilitation and coaching for the Open Space Studio

We are looking for coaches/facilitators who would like to work in a team, are open to go new ways by themselves, want to support the spirit of the Open Space Studio, and who are connected to nature and people. If you have extensive knowledge and experience about collaboration and co-creation and if you are flexible, open, creative, a team player, a good listener and if you like to develop the delivery to the customer together with the Open Space Studio team, then this is the right path for you.

How does it work?

Our call is open continuously, there is no deadline. Once you submit your application, we will check if your profile matches our needs and get back to you within four weeks.

Please download the documents below:

If you have any other questions, please contact:

Claudia Depenthal, Product Manager


“The quality level of the workshop was wonderfully surprising. Looking back I regret that we didn’t join this workshop from the beginning. It would have saved us a year wandering around with burning questions and unfocused execution plans”. Koen Koevoets, co-owner of Eco-Dryer Systems


Open Space Studio Co-Creation sessions

Siemens Wind Power Innovation management and Future Technologies

A group from Siemens Wind Power and trained Open Space Studio catalysts shared a 1,5 day co-creative workshop on the topic: How do we progress Siemens Wind Power with Augmented Reality?

“We found a very open and flexible approach with the Open Space Studio, driven by highly engaged and talented students. The fresh and uncontaminated outside-in perspective really helped and inspired us for new and unexplored use cases.” Christopher Ulrich, Key Expert Service Innovation, Siemens Wind Power

University of Technology Eindhoven

The big question for this co-creation session was: How do we design, build and operate the house that will win the Solar Decathlon Middle East competition in Dubai, 2018?

“I think our team improved much more than I ever thought we would… before this session it was different, everybody was on a different page, but now I feel we reached the point where we can go forward and be a team. It’s been amazing.” Linde van Beers, Communications Coordinator, Team VIRTUe