Open Space Studio

The Innovation Challenge

For businesses in the world of sustainable energy, innovation is essential. It opens up exciting new possibilities for growth and for change. However it also creates immense challenges with no guaranteed path to success.

Some common questions your business may be having are:

  • Whats kills and attributes do I need to build a sustainable and innovative company?
  • How can we adapt our existing ways of working to encourage greater innovation?
  • What hinders our creativity?

A holistic and tailor-made approach to progress innovation

To start your journey to innovation success, we listen to your story, your needs and your expectations.

We bring people together in the spirit of co-creation to find solutions to your particular challenge, unlock the creativity within your team, and map out a tailor-made approach to achieve your innovation goals.

And, to encourage fresh ways of thinking, students from the InnoEnergy Master’s programmes make a vital contribution to the Open Space Studio experience. They bring enthusiasm, open minds, multi cultural experiences and proficiency in the co-creation process.

We can also invite relevant experts from our Pan European network of industrial, academic and entrepreneurial partners.

Explore, inspire, encourage

We come together in locations outside the city, away from your normal business life.

We create a space of trust and awareness to inspire, encourage and explore new ways of working together.

We foster interaction between business, research and higher education.

Work with the Open Space Studio. Find answers to the questions posed by innovation. Apply fresh thinking, realise new ideas and develop insights into your business.

Are you curious?

To find out more please contact:
Claudia Depenthal, Product Manager


“The quality level of the workshop was wonderfully surprising. Looking back I regret that we didn’t join this workshop from the beginning. It would have saved us a year wandering around with burning questions and unfocused execution plans”. Koen Koevoets, co-owner of Eco-Dryer Systems

Case studies

Siemens Wind Power Innovation management and Future Technologies

A group from Siemens Wind Power and InnoEnergy Master’s School students shared a 1,5 day co-creative workshop with dialogue centering around the topic: How do we progress Siemens Wind Power with Augmented Reality?

We found a very open and flexible approach with the Open Space Studio, driven by highly engaged and talented students. The fresh and uncontaminated outside-in perspective really helped and inspired us for new and unexplored use cases.” Christopher Ulrich, Key Expert Service Innovation, Siemens Wind Power

University of Technology Eindhoven

The big question for this co-creation session was: How do we design, build and operate the house that will win the Solar Decathlon Middle East competition in Dubai, 2018?

“I think our team improved much more than I ever thought we would… before this session it was different, everybody was on a different page, but now I feel we reached the point where we can go forward and be a team. It’s been amazing.” Linde van Beers, Communications Coordinator, Team VIRTUe