MSc SELECT students enter the final of MIT ClimateCoLab Energy Supply 2016 contest!

Congrats! MSc SELECT students are in the final of MIT ClimateCoLab Energy Supply 2016 contest. Their proposal has been selected among the most promising actions to address climate change. What’s more? Their idea was initiated as part of the MSc SELECT Grand Challenge. Here is yet another example of how MSc SELECT maps out the route from basic renewable energy sources to future energy systems, fostering thinking on global responsibility on the way.

The Climate CoLab runs over 20 contests each year that tackle important climate change challenges. After receiving nearly 500 proposals earlier this spring, expert judges have now completed the selection of the 60 most promising innovative way to address climate change. We are proud to announce that Michiel and Nikodem’s proposal has made it to the final of the Energy Supply 2016 contest. Congratulations to them!

From an education project to an innovative way of tackling sustainable energy challenges

Michiel and Nikodem’s project has been initiated this year while studying in their 1st year of MSc SELECT and participating in the Grand Challenge. The Grand Challenge is a real-life education project in team with societal/industrial focus part of the MSc SELECT program. Commissioned by the industry (Estabanell Energia, Spain), their team had to develop a business plan aiming at providing safe and reliable energy supply in distant/isolated areas like the Pyrenees. Michiel and Nikodem have now decided to take this further by creating a peer to peer energy trading market for and by prosumers: the Collective Power Platform.

Final winners will be designated in the next couple of month, after a period of public voting and a final selection by expert judges. All winners will be invited to MIT to present their proposal at a conference and be eligible for cash prizes. Congratulations to Michiel and Nikodem for the achievement so far and GOOD LUCK in winning the Energy Supply 2016 contest!