MSc Energy Technologies students hold their Leading Quest training

How do I/we engage the heart of people through questions?
How do I/we foster creative and effective group meetings inside organisations?
How do I/we find and nurture my/our ability in focusing, holding and balancing?

These were the main questions that guided 16 MSc Energy Technologies students in their second year through the 2,5 days of their Leading Quest training. For this segment of the Open Space Studio Journey, our students and team of coaches got together from  24 – 26 May  in Berlin-Schmöckwitz, at the Teikyo hotel & youth hostel. Sitting on the shores of the peaceful lake Zeuthen and in the depths of a vibrant forest, we found the calmness and inspiration to dive deeper into our personal growth and our connections as a group.

The Open Space Studio Journey is all about providing our students with the support and opportunities to develop themselves as individuals and as professionals, unlock their creativity and the capacity to have a positive impact through their actions.

Each training is tailored according to the situation the students find themselves in at that moment of their lives and their studies, giving them a chance to break outside of the routine, get out of the box and discover new things together. As the MSc Energy Technologies students complete their master thesis and start shaping their careers in sustainable energy, the Leading Quest training gives them the chance to learn and practice important capabilities for their future:

  • The art and power of asking the right questions depending on the situation and purpose;
  • Understanding group meeting flows and structures in relation to the current challenges and phase of a project;
  • Becoming more aware of the necessary balance between being open to change and being focused on progress.

After these 2,5 days of reflections and practical exercises on an individual and group level, we found that in our common knowledge and our shared will lie many surprising ways to grow and to bring what we’ve learned here into our daily practices.

As their (Open Space Studio) Journey continues, we look forward to meet all of the 2017 MSc Energy Technologies students for the final training followed by the last step when they share their journey and vision with industry during the Agorá – this year once again in Berlin, on 9 September.

Any questions about Open Space Studio, please contact Claudia Depenthal