Minesto launch tender for recovery system

Illustration Deep Green

DeepGreen500´s technology converts renewable energy from tidal and ocean currents into electricity via a novel principle, somewhat similar to the posture of a wind kite.

Minesto, one of the project partners of KIC InnoEnergy´s DeepGreen500 innovation project, is looking for a supplier in charge of the concept development, design and fabrication of Launch and Recovery (L&R) system for the SG500 kite.

According to the tender, the vessel should be able to “pick up and transport the SG500 kite from the assembly hall at Holyhead Harbour to Holyhead deep site, recover a Subsea Tether held by a Tether buoy, secure Buoy to vessel, disconnect Tether and connect to Kite top joint connection to the top joint on the tether, then after system check launch kite into sea”.


It is required for the L&R system to be supplied with documentation, approvals and certifications.

More details about the conditions for participation are available here.

The tender is open until 8 August.