Meet our #InnoVoice & InnoEnergy student Samuel Akpobome

Here we catch up with Samuel Akpobome, #InnoVoice and InnoEnergy student, who is studying MSc SENSE at the Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden. Keen to learn more about the technology behind smart grids and gain more business related skills he joined an InnoEnergy Master’s Programme. Here he tells us more.

What made you apply for the InnoEnergy Master’s programme?

Having worked for three years as an engineer in thermal power plants, in Nigeria, I was hungry to learn more.

The thermal power plant I worked in converted natural gas into electricity.  My role involved carrying out startup and shut down operations, as well as maintenance activities to ensure the optimal operation of the station.

Although challenging, I was beginning to feel I had outgrown the role and I wanted to learn more about the underlying technology behind electric power networks (smart grids) and sustainable energy systems. I was incredibly curious and wanted to know more about how everything worked.

It was time for a change. I wanted to find a course that would teach me about the technologies that would facilitate the transition to a sustainable energy system and also get me prepared for the future. The InnoEnergy Master’s programme seemed like the perfect fit because it is linked to industry and remains future focused.

The perfect blend of technical and business skills

The quality of the courses has been fantastic. I have the opportunity to learn about the technical side of things but I’ve also been exposed to real problems in industries and had the opportunity to develop practical solutions.

The projects, in particular, give us the opportunity to gain experience working as part of a team. They also allow us to explore different roles and think about future career options.

It is not a regular Master’s programme. All of the experiences are designed to make students more prepared for the future, which is so valuable and really quite unique.

Making a real impact

As part of the InnoEnergy Game-changing impact programme I completed The GC Index®, a scientific framework, which enables individuals, teams and organisations to identify how they make their impact and how they can change the game.

I was given a report, which contained information about my profile. My top two scores are for the roles of Game Changer (individuals who are very open to new ideas and have the imagination to ‘see’ what is possible in ways that others don’t) and Play Maker (individuals who are at their very best when they deliver effectively through others, bringing focus and direction to activity).

The team has allocated a couple of coaches/mentors to work with me. One of them is from a different sector completely but he is sharing his knowledge about the business world and journey as a professional, which is proving really interesting.

Whilst my highest scored are Play Maker and Game Changer my profile, as a whole, was relatively flat. I am looking forward to exploring this in more detail with my coach so that I can start leveraging my strengths in a targeted way to ensure I am more efficient and effective.


We will catch up with Samuel again in a couple of months to find out how he is getting on after he finds more about his profile.