Meet our #InnoVoice & InnoEnergy student Gilda Miranda

 Here we catch up with our #InnoVoice, Gilda Miranda, who is taking part in our 2017-2018 Game-Changing Impact Programme.

 Gilda is from Indonesia. She is studying MSc ENTECH at Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa. Her experience as an InnoEnergy Master School student so far has helped her identify strengths and think about her role in a team. Here she tells us more.


What led you to apply for MSc ENTECH?

After graduating in Chemical Engineering, in 2013, I worked as an energy engineer in the oil, gas and mining industry for two and a half years in Indonesia.

During this time the problems surrounding access to energy became very real for me – I saw first hand the difficulty individuals faced. There are areas in Indonesia that struggle with access to electricity and this has a huge impact on both the standard of living and ability to do business.

It drove me to want to find out more about sustainable energy and I liked the way InnoEnergy focused on turning ideas into reality.

Access to organisations and experts

InnoEnergy cultivates a strong community, with students but also industry and this is something that attracted me to the programme. In fact, I am working as a volunteer CommUnity Representative for InnoEnergy, which involves organising events talks and other activities with employers and energy experts.

These activities give students an opportunity to hear from energy experts and wider industry and enable us to understand how what we are learning can be applied in the real world.

These experiences I am gaining, as a volunteer, are really proving beneficial and are showing me how to use voluntary commitment to draw out the best in others and myself.

The benefits of the InnoEnergy community

It’s fantastic to be able to mix with other InnoEnergy students from across the world. InnoEnergy really has created a collaborative and supportive community.

Having access to and being able to work with such a diverse mix of cultures and sharing real life experiences is really opening my eyes to different views and thinking.

Understanding the difference I can make as an individual and in a team

In January, I completed The GC Index®. This is a scientific framework, which enables individuals, teams and organisations to identify how they make their impact and how they can change the game.

After completing it, I was given a report containing my profile. It turns out that I am a:

  • High Implementer – someone who gets things done
  • High Game Changer – someone who transforms the future by bringing original ideas.

The Implementer I could relate to immediately. I most definitely focus on getting things done and see myself as quite practical, I am very hands on in a team and drive to get things done. It’s helpful seeing this in the profile because it highlights my strength and role in a team.

The strong Game Changer element was quite a surprise to me. It is an area I am really looking forward to exploring in more detail through my coaching, so watch this space!

The profile has already made me thing about how I work in a team. More recently I’ve seen that I am the individual who keeps things moving despite challenges and when morale in the team dips.

It is really helping me understand myself better, identifying my strengths and areas I can improve. I think the coaching and work around this will be great for employment market


We will catch up with Gilda in a couple of months to find out more.