LUMEN: Power Challenge

A Successful Launch – InnoEnergy’s new Minecraft module “LUMEN: Power Challenge”

With the growing popularity of game-based learning, the new Minecraft module “LUMEN: Power Challenge” is a great tool to teach fundamental electrical concepts. It was developed by InnoEnergy and KU Leuven as a way to teach youngsters about energy production both in the classroom and at home.



Realistic Game Play

As we step into the popular world of Minecraft, this new module introduces players to the town of Lumen, which is losing power. Users implement electrical components and explore methods of power generation (unlike the first version of the game this one includes wind, solar and nuclear) to solve the town’s energy problems – allowing them to experiment in a safe and fun environment. These components obey the basic laws of electricity and act exactly as they would in real life, which teaches real-world energy challenges and solutions!

The Next Generation

Making 9-15 year olds aware of the importance of renewable energy is a big step in the right direction, creating the next generation of problem-solvers. Lumen allows science and technology educators to teach students the basic principles of energy production while they are having fun. Reaching young minds where they are most engaged, such as gaming, is key to learning.

Successful Launch

Lumen 2.0 just launched last Tuesday (February 20th, 2018) and the initial numbers were very good – over 23,000 views and 1,166 sales/downloads the first day! The YouTube trailer for the game is getting lots of views (614 on day 1), and the game itself is available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 0.99 EUR. Creator and supervisor of Lumen, Johan Driesen, says “Overall it’s a very encouraging start! The first few days always have a big sales spike, but we expect to reach the target of 10,000 sales within the first month.”

Check the game out and try your hand at saving the town of Lumen – the pixelated population really need your help!

The Lumen Power Challenge is an exciting way to learn about energy – available now on multiple platforms like computers, consoles, tablets and more. The first educational map is a big success, clearly showing that people are ready for this innovative way of learning!