KIC InnoEnergy PhD School – Where Ideas Connect

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School – Where Ideas Connect

KIC InnoEnergy PHD School supports entrepreneurial ambitions of PhD students, as demonstrated in the TESCONSOL innovation project. Bringing together a consortium of partners from across Europe, the project has developed a software tool that enables  thermal storage connected to solar power plants to run more efficiently. 

Great business concepts may be ideal from both a technological and a sustainable perspective. KIC InnoEnergy PhD School provides an environment for bright minds from various fields to meet and share expertise. We bring academy and industry together and support promising ideas along the way to becoming successful products

– In KIC InnoEnergy PhD School, students learn about energy markets and industrial skills. Truly understanding market mechanisms helps realistic ideas to become products on the market, says Björn Laumert,associate professor at KTH and CEO at Europe Power Solutions.

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School has many examples of commitment to supporting product ideas from the lab to the market. These innovative ideas can receive backing to turn into a start-up company with the help of KIC InnoEnergy’s incubator: Business Creation Services.

– The PHD school has built a strong network of industrial partners and sponsors. Students learn to listen to the needs of the industry and then directly answer these needs and demands through their expertise and knowledge, says Zhor Hassar, solar plant architect at Total New Energies.



The KIC InnoEnergy mission to connect the different aspects of a knowledge triangle are particularly visible in the TESCONSOL innovation project, which brought together industry and research partners from various countries to create a truly European consortium. Partners included Total, Gas Natural Fenosa, UPC in Barcelona, Tecnalia Research Institute and KTH in Stockholm.

– The TESCOLSOL innovation project aimed to bring down the cost of concentrating solar power through innovative storage solutions and operation strategies, says Rafael Guédez, PHD candidate and CTO for Europe Power Solutions.

KIC InnoEnergy PHD School provided financial support and acted as a catalyst in creating a knowledge triangle of business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

– The TESCONSOL project deals with solar energy and concentrated solar power. Not only has KIC InnoEnergy PHD School supported the development of a model for solar power plants, but they have also built a whole reservoir of expertise in this area, says Zhor Hassar.

The outcome of the project was a software tool designed to monitor thermal storage in thermal power plants. The tool helps plants to run more effectively and allows for large financial and energy savings in the planning of new thermal power plants.

– Thanks to the early support from KIC InnoEnergy, we have been able to develop a tool that is will be of great use for the current European electricity market, says Monika Topel, PHD candidate, board member and COO at Europe Power Solutions.

The result of all KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects is a sound product backed by a successful company.

KIC InnoEnergy PHD School – a unique and rewarding experience

 KIC offers young researchers the chance complete a mobility stay at another institution and connect with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. Even more importantly, an industry placement can provide the experience and perspective needed to understand the market conditions in the field as well as providing a useful network of contacts within the field.

– The mobility programme at Total in France has been one of the best experiences in my professional career. It has helped me understand what is really required at a research and development level in the industry,says Rafael Guédez.

 Watch the testimonial here and find out how KIC InnoEnergy PhD School can support your product ideas from lab to market.