KIC InnoEnergy initiative Receiving financial and expert support in renewable energy ideas

Seminar at Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer, Wroclaw University of Technology, 14th of December, 2011.

Mrs. Anna Pytel – consultant at Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer, opened the meeting and greeted over 100 participants – entrepreneurs, scientists and students of local universities.

Next, Mr. Rafał Mrówka, the chairman of CC Poland Plus sp. z o.o., told about the idea of participation in Knowledge and Innovation Community InnoEnergy European Institute of Technology.

Afterwards, Mr. Tomasz Pyrć, member of CC Poland Plus board presented report “Your way to your own business – KIC InnoEnergy HIGHWAY™, European Incubator of Technology.” In his presentation he showed means to apply for funding available in KIC InnoEnergy and how to become a partner of the CC Poland Plus.

Shortly thereafter, Prof. Jan Koch and dr Agnieszka Turynska-Gmur from Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer showed the latest achievements of WCTT, also in renewable energy field and support WCTT can provide in that context. Then, Mrs. Małgorzata Dynowska presented the proposed solutions for new innovative businesses offered by Lower Silesian Academic Incubator for Entrepreneurship and Wroclaw Technology Park. Prof. Maciej Chorowski from Wroclaw University of Technology in his presentation tried to answer the question about opportunities and threats for the investments in energetics in the following years.

Next speech by Mr. Dariusz Zięba from Lower Silesia Urbanistic Bureau concentrated on the development of renewable energies from the point of view of strategic documents issued by Lower Silesia self-government. Afterwards, Mr. Bogusław Białko from Wroclaw University of Technology covered the technical aspects of renewable energies. The last presentation by Mrs. Emilia den Boer, also from Wroclaw University of Technology, showed the current state of recycling of production waste in Lower Silesia area, the regional mobilizing of sustainable waste -to-energy production and proposed technologies in this area.