Investment in Nabralift® Tower Project approved by InnoEnergy

After the application to InnoEnergy Investment Round and six months of technical, financial and commercial revisions of Nabrawind Technologies by top-level committees, the investment in Nabralift® tower project has been approved by InnoEnergy.

Nabralift® Self-erecting wind tower

Faced with market problems of tower manufacturing, transportation and installation high costs, need of massive and expensive cranes, etc., Nabrawind Technologies came up with a solution.

Nabralift® is a self-erecting tower designed by Nabrawind Technologies. It consists of a three-columns structure installed under the uppermost part of a wind turbine generator tubular tower, resulting in a hybrid support steel structure. This tower integrates a Self-Erecting System that allows the installation of a full WTG (tower, nacelle, rotor) without using large-size cranes regardless of the final hub-height.

Eneko Sanz, CEO of Nabralift, said: “This agreement strengthens the financial situation of Nabrawind Technologies and boosts our business development capabilities with the wide network of InnoEnergy.”

As for its actual status, the first Nabralift® prototype (160m hub height) is already in construction and will be installed during  this year in Eslava (Spain). It will be the third highest wind turbine tower in the world, which expects to hit the commercialisation stage by the end of the year.

Nabralift® project has received and will continue to receive help from its project consortium EDPR, ALE Heavylift and Tetrace.