Investment agreement with Hardt Hyperloop signed

On Friday 29 March InnoEnergy and Hardt Hyperloop officially signed the investment agreement. This milestone marks the start of a close cooperation with the ultimate goal to enable convenient and sustainable high-speed transportation for everyone with a global hyperloop network.

Celebration moment for Hardt Hyperloop and InnoEnergy team in front of test tube for signing investment agreement.

Jacob Ruiter, CEO InnoEnergy Benelux states: “We are very proud to be part of Hardt’s truly disruptive transport solution. With the massive challenge of the energy transition, Hardt is one of those solutions that can play a substantial role in reducing CO2 emissions in transport. InnoEnergy intends to fully leverage its ecosystem to reduce the time to market as well as reduce the risk of further developing the Hardt Hyperloop.”

Tim Houter, CEO Hardt Hyperloop: “It was a great historical moment and a big step in solidifying our future hyperloop developments. We’re all extremely excited to have InnoEnergy on board and support us with their ecosystem.”

Lucienne Krosse, Thematic leader Smart Buildings and Cities InnoEnergy: “The hyperloop reduces the CO2 emissions tremendeously for high speed transport and  is perfect for commuters between the major European cities. With the exponential growth in air traffic and the related CO2 emissions, it is vitally important that the development of the hyperloop receives an extra boost to accelerate the actual implementation and European rollout.”