#InnoVoice, Samuel Akpobome, tells us how coaching can help you

Here we catch up with Samuel Akpobome, #InnoVoice and InnoEnergy Master’s student. He talks about how coaching is helping set him up for the future. Here he tells us more…

Coaching has opened my eyes to possibilities…

I have had a couple of coaching sessions, which have been incredibly helpful. It has been fantastic to be able to speak in depth with a successful professional and hear about their journey into the workplace. I’ve also used the time to explore my strengths and weaknesses.

I have learnt that saying no can be a positive thing.

I find it hard to say no and I want to please others. However, there have been times that I have taken on too much and it is impossible to deliver everything within the agreed timescales.

My coach highlighted the dangers of taking on too much. He helped me understand that when we say ‘yes’ to everything we run the very real risk of not having time do to anything properly.

By helping me understand how taking on too much could ruin my reputation and leave others questioning my commitment, I now feel much more comfortable saying no.

Now, when considering whether I can take something else on I always ask myself:

  1. Do I have time to take it on and deliver given everything else I have committed to?
  2. Am I the best person to take the work on?

By asking myself these questions I find it much easier to say no to things and prioritise. It helps because I have a concrete reason for saying no.

Is consultancy right for me?

Consultancy is something I am really interested in and having the opportunity to talk this through with my coach, who has experience in the consultancy world, is incredibly helpful.

I have been pushed to think about what I value in life and what is important to me. I feel energised when working with other people and really enjoy helping others to solve problems.

My coach has offered some useful insights into the skills required to excel in the consultancy world, such as good communication and organisational skills, the need to adapt and be comfortable with change.

The importance of creativity

I have had an introductory Master Mind session focusing on innovation and creativity.

A group of us came together to talk about challenges we face as individuals. It was a great exercise to get us to support each other – the creativity and innovation happened spontaneously.

We got to practice a set of skills that include creativity, opportunism, taking risks, problem solving and enquiry, and team working.

I now really understand the value of good communication and teamwork, whilst working remotely. It also helped me see the beauty of diversity. By bringing a group of students from different countries and cultures together I gained so much.

It taught me the need to leverage the power of diversity and to value varied opinions and different points of view. This is something I can certainly take into the workplace.