#InnoVoice, Agnes Welsz, tells us how coaching is helping her become a better decision maker…

#InnoVoice and InnoEnergy student, Agnes Welsz, tells us how coaching is helping her become a better decision maker…

Coaching to boost impact

My coaching sessions are not only helping me identify how I can make an impact, using The GC Index®, but also teaching me so much about how I operate as an individual.
One of my coaches is a high Polisher like myself, someone who continuously strives to make things better, As a result she can relate to everything I tell her about what drives me and frustrates me when working in a team.

We have discussed a lot of different scenarios as well as looked at the ways to accomplish my goals during my time with the Game Changing Impact Programme. Apart from already recognising how incredibly beneficial it has been I am also starting to see first results.

Becoming a better decision maker

Whilst I know the benefits that come from continuously trying to improve, I am also aware that constantly demanding perfection can cause problems. I often delay or put off making decisions or starting new endeavours out of concern that things won’t work out the right way.

Sometimes I get lost in the detail, which has caused me a lot of stress in the past. This often makes me feel really rushed and under pressure before a deadline.

My coaching sessions have helped me to accept my perfectionist tendencies, understanding the benefits rather than criticising myself. I have also learnt practical exercises and tools that I can use to avoid putting too much pressure on myself, allowing me to let things go when needed.

One simple example is to set daily and weekly goals and then celebrate their achievement. These new techniques and the fact that I am now working hard to set more realistic goals are helping me to become a much more confident decision maker.

The benefits of teamwork

One of the exercises suggested by my coach was to engage in conversation with others to see whether it is worth investing extra time into the small details of the project or whether it is better to it let go.

The Master Mind session and group work provided a fantastic opportunity to explore this in more detail. Creativity thrives when people work together to share ideas and the session really helped me understand things from other’s perspective.

Back home, in Hungary, we didn’t really work in teams so I have never experienced a real group environment where everyone contributes equally. It is fantastic to be able to explore it and draw on the strengths of different team members to achieve objectives.

Using what I am learning to help others

As an InnoEnergy student I had the opportunity to apply to mentor new students. I have just found out that I have been accepted which I am incredibly excited about!

Gaining so much from my own mentor meant that I felt prepared when I moved and started my studies. It will be great to be able to give something back and help others feel the same way.

We will catch up with Agnes later this year to find out how she is getting on.