Value analysis leading to unleashed electricity flexibility for network management and market operations 

The Need

Demand response, distributed generation and electricity storage will be a crucial part of power systems management in the future. As an alternative to grid reinforcements, the flexibility potential in local demand and generation can be used to cope with grid overload situations. Therefore, it is crucial that the consumer of electricity gets integrated into the electricity system and becomes an actively participating customer. However, lack of clear insight in the cost-benefit ratio in specific network and market environments is a serious barrier for investments active customer participation.

The Solution

The VALUEFLEX project aims at developing services able to give to utilities a better understanding of the value of electricity flexibility. These services are based on a comprehensive set of simulation tooling (the Toolbox) that allows companies to analyze the economic and technical feasibility of demand response services. This tool box is then used for a systematic and targeted feasibility analysis to support stakeholder investment decisions.

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management

Loots, G. (Gjalt)

Project Consortium