Detailed codes

Detailed Codes

Detailed codes (STES code and LTES code) and consulting

Product Concept:

STEScode and LTEScode are innovative simulation tools for detailed thermal and fluid dynamic analysis of sensible and latent heat storage systems. They can offer:

  • Advanced analysis coupled with fast computation
  • Simulation of a wide range of storage systems
  • Analysis of the full range of operating modes
  • Special treatment of encapsulated phase change latent storage systems
  • Economic analysis of TES designs to give minimal investment costs

Customer Needs:

  • Cost reductions in TES systems for CSP plants
  • More reliable and optimum thermal energy storage designs

Main Milestones:

  • 2014 -Beta versions of the codes
  • 2015 – Final versions of the codes

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • STES/LTES code for optimum design and development of new energy storage systems
  • Integration of both technical and economic optimisation of the TES system into accessible and user friendly tools

Project Coordinantion and Management:

Carlos-David Pérez Segarra



  • Technology / project developers
  • Engineering / consulting companies
  • Component manufacturing companies
  • EPC companies
  • CSP plant owners and operators
  • Utilities