Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants

Reduce the high capital and maintenance costs in TES systems for CSP plants, proposing unique engineering analysis tools, optimum designs and innovative solutions.

Tesconsol - Thermal Storage for Concentrating Solar Plants

Tesconsol – Thermal Energy Storage (TES) for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) Plants

Overall Status:

  • Product commercially available
  • Beta versions of the STEScode DYESOPT are ready since December 2013
  • Final versions of the all codes (STEScode, LTEScode, DYESOPT and SOLVECONTROL) are ready since the beginning of 2015

Project Coordination and Management:

Joan Farnos

Project Consortium:

Product: Detailed codes

Detailed codes (STES code & LTES code) and consulting

  • Transient behaviour analysis
  • Conduction heat transfer: multidimensional analysis with variable thermo physical properties
  • Fluid characterized by lumped or detailed one-dimensional models
  • Fluid-solid interactions
  • Heat losses through tank walls and insulation
  • Detailed foundation analysis
  • All relevant fluid dynamic and thermal design aspects are modelled
  • Parallel computational platform

Product: DYESOPT

Software (DYESOPT), module library (SOFTCONTROL) and consulting

  • Design optimal layout for new plants at a given location
  • Optimize CAPEX and OPEX of the plant
  • Minimize OPEX and maintenance requirements
  • Design plant operation and control strategies to achieve
    customized objectives
  • Estimate trade-offs between economic indicators, maintenance
    requirements and environmental indicators