Energy Storage as Necessary Part of Energy Balanced Buildings and Districts 

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Energy Storage as Necessary Part of Energy Balanced Buildings and Districts (Storage)

Energy Storage as Necessary Part of Energy Balanced Buildings and Districts (Storage)

Excess energy is produced at times of low demand and low generation cost and from intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind power. In a functional world it should be stored and again released at times of high demand and high generation cost or when there is no more generation capacity available. Since energy storage technologies do not yet have the required functionality at the required cost level, het innovation project Storage not only addresses some issues with fundamental research, in the Storage project it also channels already available knowledge on thermal energy storage to the market through new products and services, such as:

  • A control device for electrical heat pumps, enabling a wide implementation
  • Hard- and software for optimal and effective use of long term geothermal storage systems, coupled with heat pumps for the non-residential market.
  • Compact short term thermal energy storage systems for the cooling of dwellings, based on the absorption principle, for effective use of excess heat from district heating or from excess solar energy.
    Based on this research, SolabCool opened its first factory in September 2013.

Overall Status:

Project finished in 2015

Project Coordination and Management:

Aart de Geus

Project Consortium:

Product: a control algorithm for controlling heat pumps

This controller solves the electrical overload of existing grids by reducing the peak power of simultaneous running heat pumps, by storing heat in the building (passive) or in heat storages (active). An energy service company will be the effective vehicle to put this in the market.

Product: SolabCool

  • Recycles heat into cooling
  • Easy, low-cost implementation
  • Models for domestic and commercial use
  • Non-toxic highly available materials
  • Compact unobtrusive units
  • Suitable for retrofits and new builds

Product: Solar Absorption Cooler

The solar absorption cooler will be based on LiBr. This device will be small and dedicated for Mediterranean areas. Reduction of energy costs for cooling by using solar energy.