Solid State Transformer

The Need

As pressure increases on electric service providers to deliver a higher quality and more reliable product there is a need to increase utilization of the existing grid and its equipment. A market investigation provides the following customer requirements:

  • Increased voltage control
  • Improved power quality
  • Reactive power  compensation
  • Reduced size and weight
  • Reduce environmental concerns
  • Advanced distribution  automation  functions
  • Energy storage
  • Flexible power supply

The Solution

The project aim is to identify the potential business case of the Solid State Transformer (SST) and to quantify additional benefits gained by using a SST in grid service. A solid state transformer (SST) is able to provide provide better control over the shape and amplitude of output voltage waveform. This results in a more effective utilization of the grid. With decreased size and reduced weight, the SST will simplify site preparations before installation and also reduce the customers’ need for heavy transportation. The SST will also make it easier to connect energy storage to the grid by using the converters within the SST.

Overall Status

Project Completed

Project Coordination and Management

Viktor Weidenmo

Project Consortium