Intelligent Power Conditioning and Monitoring Interfaces for Smart Grid Prosumers

The Need

Nowadays, preservation of adequate electrical quality has become a major problem. Industrial plants with highly automated production lines cannot operate properly without sustainable power supply with the precisely defined power quality parameters. Thus, there appear to be a market need for fast solutions for identifying the disturbance sources, protection of energy customers from PQ disturbances and provide intelligent interface for smart grid’s prosumers.

The Solution

The aim of the project is to develop three products intended to improve the conditions for the supply of electricity and the integration of distributed energy sources with supply network.
The objective of ProInterface is to deliver commercially viable power electronics solutions: Active Power Filter, Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Prosumer Interface. Those solutions will gradually enable integrating energy prosumers with a power system and maintaining proper power supply conditions at the point of common coupling. The prosumer interface provides comprehensive multiple functionalities currently offered only partially by devices available on the market.

Active Power Filter_product image

Active Power Filter


1.  Reduction of Electricity Charges – IMPROVING THE POWER COEFFICIENT

  • reduction of charges for passive power
  • eliminating the risk of penalties from the electricity supplier
  • reduction of power consumption losses

2. Extend the life of the equipment

  • reducing the cost of replacing equipment
  • reducing the power requirements of the transformers

3. Improving the continuity of technological processes

  • prevention of unjustified exclusions in the recipient’s network
  • reduction of costs associated with downtime of production lines
  • lowering the temperature of the wires


Overall Status

Project Execution

Project Coordination and Management

Krzysztof Chmielowiec

Project Consortium