– Plant Low Energy Standby Modes –


The need

Manufacturing plants have first been designed to produce with high efficiency in terms of quality, volume, delay and cost. Today, the increasing cost of all energies pushes decision makers to consider energy efficiency as a way to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. In the industry plants, energy efficiency actions are first focused on production modes: reducing and optimising the energy consumption during the production time by realising campaigns which ask for in-depth audits, new investments, equipment update, etc.
However, no special attention is paid to the non-production modes, although their electricity consumption can easily represent between 10% and 25% of the production modes.

The solution

PLESMO project aims at taking into account non-production modes. This project offers a range of noninvasive, non-intrusive, easy to use and easy to set up services and products in order to manage energy consumption.
By combining energy efficiency and any renewable energy production, this project will lead to reach the objective of “zero production = zero energy consumption”.
In a nutshell, the Save it Yourtself offer of PLESMO brings an innovative approach to reduce energy consumption by putting in stand-by or stopping processes and machines and WAGES (Water, Gas, Electric, Steam) and auxiliaries when and as soon as possible.


Overall Status

Project completed (duration 24 months: 2013 – 2015)

Project Coordination and Management

Mr. Xavier Pain (project manager)
Tel.: +33 (0)6 84 51 68 62

Project Consortium

  • Gulplug – Carries the offer stemming from PLESMO project
  • Schneider Electric – Provides the technology (Innovation services & solutions)
  • Fenwick-Linde – Provides innovative services and solution
  • INSA Lyon – Provides training modules