New Materials for Energy Systems

New Materials for Energy Systems

New Materials for Energy Systems

NewMat concerns the materials science input to innovation of sustainable energy systems. The foreseen implementation of new materials will lead to enhancement of the existing- and introduction of innovative technologies in energy production. New materials with improved properties, more resistant for exposure in aggressive environments will also influence the cost savings and significantly increase efficiency in clean energy production.

Transformational advances in materials for fossil fuel power plants, clean coal gasification, nuclear power plants, renewable energy, smart grids and storage will facilitate the targets of the future energy policy.

The key objectives of the projects are:

  •  To develop and share expertise of the research community and industry partners on innovative materials for clean energy systems,
  • To train a new generation of engineers and researchers.

To solve the materials’ problems defined by industry, NewMat offers complex interdisciplinary research based on horizontal and visionary concepts.

Overall Status: 

Currently the project is in STAGE 1, which comprises the research of new materials (design, modelling, processing, characterization, optimisation) necessary before production of the demonstrators made from new materials and their application in pilot components/plants (to be conducted in the STAGE II of the NewMat project).

Project Coordinaton and Management:

Project Manager: Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz

Project Consortium:

Project Products:

NewMat will deliver the following products and services:

  1. New steel for membrane walls
  2. New materials for superheater/reheater tubes
  3. Membranes for energy production
  4. Coatings for Interconnects
  5. Cathode material for IT-SOFC compatible with ceria electrolyte
  6. The interconnector plates with deposited nano-particles
  7. IT-SOFC composite anode material active for hydrocarbons fuel and compatible with ceria electrolyte
  8. C/Sn nanocomposite anode material for Li-ion batteries
  9. Alloys dedicated for construction of boiler heat exchangers
  10. Tested welds of alloys for boiler heat exchangers